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Paving the Way to easy management of warranty items  

Many manufacturers try to convince us to buy their products with longer warranty periods knowing that many invoices and warranties will be stockpiled or lost.

That's why it is becoming increasingly important to store and keep our warranties safe, as well-stored guarantees will save us a lot of money.

We have a vision of making it easy for users to manage their warranties. With the increasing standard of people, the number of devices and things we own also increases. All these devices have their own life span and, of course, when purchased, they also have a manufacturing guarantee. With the increasing number of devices we owns, it becomes opaque and difficult to manage warranties, and therefore we lose money.

Our vision is the application has to be simple and easy to use in order to make a difference in the world of applications. App has to improve people's lives. 


Our team of professionals has continually pursued this vision and carefully crafted our app to provide users with what they've always wanted - an easy-to-do app with everything they need. 


WarrantyARK Lite


Home: ON, max. 10 Items

Company: OFF, Disabled

Vehicle: ON, max. 1 item

Borrowed:  ON, max. 1 item

Login: No login needed

Data saving: Mobile device

Saving images: Mobile device

Advertising: Part of the screen

Backup: No backup

Additional limitations:

  • max. 3 pictures per item

  • max. 10 items




Home: ON

Company: OFF, Disabled

Vehicle: ON, max. 5 item

Borrowed: ON

Login: Password protected (optional)

Data saving: Mobile device

Saving images: Mobile device

Advertising: No  commercial

Backup: Manual backup only

(dropbox, via Email, iCloud )

Additional limitations:

  • max. 5 pictures per item

  • max. 100 items

WarrantyARK Premium


Home: ON

Company: ON

Vehicle: ON

Borrowed: ON

Login: Password protected

Data saving: Mobile device

Saving images: Mobile device

Advertising: No  commercial

Backup: (Cloud) data synchronized

Share data between users, group

Additional limitations:

  • NO limitations


The Industry-Leading App, Here to Help

When can we expect the App to launch ?

We expect the application to be ready for use in the fall of 2020. We will first launch WarrantyARK Lite and Standard and towards the end of the year also the PRO version.

It all sounds great, but what does this App actually do?

The application is intended for users who need easier management of warranties and other documents related to individual products. It provides easy records of until when an individual product has a warranty, when it expires, and reminds us when the warranty expires. If you wish, the App can also offer additional insurance for each product. Lending and vehicle registration records are also included.

I’ve seen other Apps that serve similar purposes. What makes yours the best?

The application is distinguished by the ease of use and transparency of all documents


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